Container spaces have been the principal focus of our various experiments since 2014. The versatility of the used shipping container coupled with its structural strength provides an ideal framework for executing strong and secure housing and accommodation spaces. Such spaces can range from the affordable to the luxurious. The inherent mobility of these structures also makes them amenable to be deployed at otherwise inaccessible areas in a short period of time. Our special modular construction allows the home to be dismantled easily for transportation and can just as easily be re-installed at a new location.

This type of construction requires minimum intervention into the ground. Also, the modular construction makes it easy for the user to add more sections to increase the space later if so desired. For the services like electricity, water and sewage either the house can be connected to the main grid or one can even opt for off-grid solutions. The studio has been experimenting with various techniques involving the use of alternative insulating solutions, paints and eco-friendly ways to enhance the container space living experience.


  • Structurally strong and durable

  • Possibility to move easily initially as well as again if required

  • Will withstand rigors of mobility

  • No heavy foundation required

  • Designed to hold up in varied  conditions

  • Amazing possibilities for developing modular systems


  • Connecting multiple containers to  create larger space

  • Vertically stacking up to create interesting space volume

  • Having outside deck

  • Outside look and cladding have  various possibilities

  • Roof/Canopy can be worked out to protect from direct sunlight on the container top

  • Sunshades can be added for  windows and doors

  • retractable awnings

  • A roof garden can be worked out –  which would also act as a great  insulator

  • Metal grills/collapsible doors can be  added for safety

  • The completely closable unit can be made  for farm-houses or similar usage