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  • Structurally strong and durable

  • Possibility to move easily initially as well as again if required

  • Will withstand rigors of mobility

  • No heavy foundation required

  • Designed to hold up in varied  conditions

  • Amazing possibilities for developing modular systems


  • Connecting multiple containers to  create larger space

  • Vertically stacking up to create interesting space volume

  • Having outside deck

  • Outside look and cladding have  various possibilities

  • Roof/Canopy can be worked out to protect from direct sunlight on the container top

  • Sunshades can be added for  windows and doors

  • retractable awnings

  • A roof garden can be worked out –  which would also act as a great  insulator

  • Metal grills/collapsible doors can be  added for safety

  • The completely closable unit can be made  for farm-houses or similar usage




1. What is the cost of a container space?

Our work is completely customized and designed for each client to suit his/her needs. Depending on material selection and layout the exact costing will be shared for each individual project.

Another component of cost is logistics and site work. Even though we execute a majority of work at our workshop, for joinery and other detailing that can only be done at the site a separate costing is done based on-site location and conditions.


2. Is a site visit necessary before finalizing the project?


Yes, we definitely plan a site visit once the basic costs are agreed upon. The installation and commissioning of space are also in our scope and we make sure the road conditions and the actual site is accessible for the container space.


3.  What kind of site work is required?


While a plinth is not necessary, each container requires a footing on its 4 edges where it will be placed. The drawing for the site preparation shall be shared with the client for getting the work executed through local contractors directly whom we will also guide. Water connection, sewage connection, electricity should be made available on-site at the time of installation to ensure work happens swiftly.


4.   Do I need permissions for a container space?


A shipping container space can be designed for movability and at the studio we ensure we incorporate this feature for multiple container spaces. For spaces within municipality limits, we suggest you get the permissions vetted by any local architect or directly with the concerned authorities. For spaces in rural areas it is best you contact the local Gram Panchayat office and check their requirements directly. There are no set of defined rules for container architecture in our country as of now.


5.   What is the timeline for the project?


In the initial phase, once a baseline cost is agreed upon, a detailed design is done taking into consideration all the client requirements. In the meantime, containers are ordered for and that can take 2-3 weeks to arrive at our workshop. Once the containers arrive and the design is frozen in parallel, it takes an average of 2-3 months to execute the entire project at our workshop. After completion, the dates for installation are fixed and logistics are arranged accordingly. Depending on the complexity of the installation the exact site workdays will also be informed at the time of finalizing the project.


6.   Will the container space get hot?


We need to understand that essential it’s a metal box that we are working with and heat will always be a major concern. But, to overcome that, along with adequate insulation from inside, we also recommend other solutions – from a roof to other greener solutions that will be discussed in detail once the project is finalized.


7.    What is the maintenance for a container space?


Being a metal body the container is prone to rusting, though the actual container is made of corten steel which is a very high rust resistance steel created for the marine climate. A regular oil paint touch-up is recommended on the outside after every rain or depending on the rainfall area it can be done only when necessary.

The inside maintenance is like any other regular space and while handover we also impart all relevant information to your local electrician, plumber and any other service that may be required later.

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