ScrapLab is a R & D studio where one can connect to the idea of upcycle. we connect interesting scrap with creative people to add value to their projects/art/design by creative reuse. We also have DIY kits for individuals who are new to the concept of upcycle. Also check out our prducts to get ready made solutions and Project section to get involved with us.

Green Idea Project

studio Alternatives is working with reclaimed materials since last 5 years to create desirable products. ‘eCoexist’ has been working on the issue of recycling since 2010, raising awareness about the need for recycling via campaign called The Beauty of Recycling.
The Green Idea grant from the Environment Department of Maharashtra, will support this collective vision of ‘eCoexist’ as well as ‘Studio Alternatives’.
The Green Idea project aims to:

  1. Create value for waste that is currently not being recycled.

  2. Raise awareness about these materials.

  3. Create sources of income for underprivileged groups through the products designed by the project.

Mats made from thin plastic waste

Woven mats from thin plastic bags