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Learning  / circularity / upcycling

Upcycling is both inspiring and challenging at the same time. Before we design a product from scrap, there is a whole process behind it to acquire/clean/segregate/store discarded items, and that journey of any material making it into a Reuse space instead of a landfill is equally paramount to understand. The future lies in better systems of waste management, but more importantly our own behavior change towards waste which alone can create a huge impact for viable solutions.


A fun-filled approach to learn about 'how we should throw what we throw' while actually using our much forgotten hand skills to enhance our knowledge, at studio Alternatives we are back with such enriching learning experiences!  


We will roll out more modules/courses/visits as we move ahead, but for now do contact us for your own workshops in groups of 8-16 people (age 16 +), where you can spend a day creating specially designed upcycled products while spending a day at our beautiful location.

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