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Client: Private

Number of containers: 6 no. of 20’ x 8’ + additional fabricated space - veranda + central area + terrace

Floor Area: 960 sqft (container area)

                   560 sqft central area

                   450 sqft entrance veranda

                   320 sqft terrace

Location: Mulshi, Pune District

Completed in: Jan 2023

Three blocks of shipping containers – two in each block – are placed in a ‘C’ formation to create a contemporary courtyard home. We have a fabricated entrance that has upcycled doors as a feature to the home. There is a roof covering the entire home, except the open courtyard. Along with the upcycled doors, the wooden pillars and the country tiles used for the roof create the ideal ‘traditional weds contemporary’ feel to this unique container home.


The home has two spacious bedrooms of 320 sqft each, and in the third block we have a kitchen in in 160 sqft, and a maid’s room plus utilities in another 160sqft. A terrace is fabricated over this top which gives a vantage view to the backwaters of the river.

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Hinjewadi WORK POD


Number of containers: 2 no. of 20’ x 8’ plus additional fabricated space

Floor Area: 400 sqft + 260 deck & landing 

Location: Hinjewadi, Pune

Installed in: March 2022

Two containers are joint in a right angle with an additional space created in between. The space is fully furnished with a modular kitchen & dining, study area, bedroom, bathroom and is designed for other loose furniture items. It is also fully equipped with all electronics  - induction stove, microwave, refrigerator, AC, geyser, WIFI router etc and other required amenities. Flooring is done with mirror finish kota stone tiles. An external shingles roof is added to cover half the deck. Where the roof ends, a retractable mosquito net is fitted to make the space bug proof for late evening sit-outs. The space has some unique upcycled interior items as well - main door, lamps, curtains along with some wood in the furniture that highlight this space. The working pod faces the mountain from the deck side where a lot of glass openings are provided, and the valley from the entrance side.


Number of containers: 2 no. of 20’ x 8’

Floor Area: 320 sqft + deck (regular construction) 

Location: Talegaon, Pune

Installed in: June 2021

Two containers are joint to form a squarish space of 20x16 feet. The space is semi furnished with a modular kitchen, and is designed for other loose furniture items. It is furnished with all electronics and other required amenities. Flooring is done with kota stone tiles. An external roof is added with local clay roof tiles which is a unique feature that also gives the roof some additional storage space for utilities as well as adds a layer of insulation. A deck was added with regular construction material on site after containers were installed. This space is designed to have a fusion look of traditional and industrial characters.

Dehradoon AIRBNB

Client: Two Equals

Number of containers: 3 no. of 20’ x 8’

Floor Area: 480 sqft + deck   

Location: Dehradun, Uttarakhand

Installed in: April 2021


For this 1BHK home, two containers are joint to make a spacious 20’ x 16’ space housing a furnished kitchen and a living area with a small corner dedicated to be a Puja room. The 3rd container is modified to be a bedroom and a washroom area. The flooring material is chosen to be Kota stone.

The home also has a deck in the front of size 16’ x 8’. The interesting feature of this space is an extended roof with skylight. This structure is designed to be collapsible due to transport restrictions.

This movable home is made for our clients Raman & Nishant based in Dehradun who run their Design firm ‘Two Equals’.

Total area of the home is 480 sq ft with an additional open deck of 128 sq ft


Number of containers: 3 nos of 20’ x 8’

Floor Area: 576 sqft/ terrace 192 sqft

Location: Pune

This is our home project to showcase optimum use of 20’ shipping containers including an option of stacking them up to convert into a 2BHK home. Being our own project, we have experimented with a variety of scrap, right from insulation to furniture and furnishings. The containers can be dismantled and joint again at a new site.

This home has been moved four times before its final location at the moment, with various possibilities of expansion. 


Number of containers: 2 nos of 20’ x 8’

Floor Area: 320 sqft

Location: Mandwa Jetty


This is one of our first projects where the requirement was to work on site since the containers were a part of an existing mall at Mandwa Jetty. The work involved specialised plumbing, electrical requirements, fixing of of all the professional kitchen equipment and other items with prescribed safety standards. We also accommodated an openable canopy for the front view and this project was executed in a record 6 weeks.




Number of containers: 2 no. of 20’ x 8’

Floor Area: 320 sqft

Location: Pune

Installed in: December 2018

The scope was to design and execute a versatile space for office/ ticketing with a full washroom area while at KISAN and then a room for staying for the rest of the year. The space needed good ventilation and bigger openings along with security doors. Provision of overhead tank inside the washroom, and a bigger tank on the roof has also been made. The client has already moved and used the space multiple times for various purposes utilising fully the ‘movability’ of our spaces.



Number of containers: 1 no. of 40’ x 8’

Floor Area: 320 sqft

Location: Thane

Installed in: November 2018


Signal school is an innovative concept initiated by Samarth Bharat Vyaspith along with Thane Municipal Corporation, to provide education to underprivileged children residing at traffic signals. The container was kept under the flyover at Teen haathnaka and we had to get it to our workshop to work on it. Later we also had to install it back on location. Two classrooms were made with a flexible partition to create a bigger space when needed. We also worked on an interactive design on the container wall, a game of snakes and ladders; with magnetic counters and a dice to play on the vertical surface.



Number of containers: 2 nos of 40’ x 8’, 1 no. of 8’ x 8’

Floor Area: 40 sqft/ washroom 16 sqft

Location: Hinjewadi, Pune

Installed in: November 2017


As an extension to their daycare center, Priti and Jay Rao decided to make an ‘Animal Train’ using shipping containers. The project has two 40’ containers and an 8’ toilet block placed in a line with non-functional connectors. They have also made a small station to give it a train feel. The interior has segments to incorporate doll room, science, and other fun areas. The artwork on the outside is done by Abha Bhagwat.


Number of containers: 2 nos of 40’ x 8’

Floor Area: 640 sqft

Location: Uchat village, near Wada

Installed in: July 2016

QUEST is a research-action NGO concentrating on enhancing quality of education and their work takes them to remote areas of operation. In this container project, their requirement was to create 2 classrooms along with a small office and washroom/ pantry area for their staff. Most importantly, their requirement was that of a temporary yet sturdy structure that could be moved to another location when needed. They chose to go ahead with a joint configuration of 2 nos 40’ containers. The activity centre was painted by artist Abha Bhagwat from the outside to make it an attractive place for the kids.


Number of containers: 1 no. of 40’ x 8’

Floor Area: 320 sqft

Location: Pune

Installed in: April 2014

This was our first project to reuse an old shipping container, and we were to design and execute a studio apartment in a single 40’ container. The area was divided into 4 sections - a kitchen cum dining, living, washroom and a bedroom. The entire space including all furniture and furnishings was done by us and installed at site. The container was also cladded later from outside using pinewood.

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