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Events & Collaborations

Upcycled Design / Display / Dialogue
Date: 7th – 11th December at
Venue: The Monalisa Kalagram, Koregaon Park, Pune.


In our efforts to spread and promote the concept of 'Upcycling', we had organising an exclusive exhibition to display our work in the area of upcycling for the past 10 years. Along with this, we also had a special coverage other successful businesses doing upcycling of various products and services. This helped widen the knowledge of the viewer to all types of work happening with this concept.


We also displayed our concept of ScrapLab under which we are planning to showcase all the activities that we do, such as learning experiences and workshops. This included the display of sorted scrap that works as material for our designs, public space projects with upcycling concept, and learning exercises that we propose to understand and experience upcycling.


'Trash Talk' – this was the unique event at inauguration. An evening discussing waste with multiple stakeholders in this process - rag pickers, semi skilled workers, skilled workers, scrap dealers, clients etc.


we had more than 500 visitors that included a lot of students and we plan to do such events on a regular basis.

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