Design Studio

Started as an Interior Design and Photography consultancy firm in 2010, the Studio has now diversified into many more areas of design. Since its inception we have grown to a scale where we have our own workshop with highly skilled and trained craftsmen. In harmony with design consultancy, we also work on executing projects, products, furniture, accessories, artifacts, installation and any other space-making elements. We believe that with having an interesting and unique concept it is equally important to have the ability to deliver excellent detailing and very fine quality work.


We love upcycling. Utilizing various type​s of discarded materials to create desirable objects is always our first preference. From coasters to shipping containers, we love making use of reclaimed materials.


ScrapLab was conceived as an ​concept in 2012 that took shape in 2015. We have ​a​ small ​but expanding ​library of materials that are discarded, but have ​interesting form/texture to be utilized in a creative way to become a part of a new product or solution.


We encourage creative minds​ to join us in our workshops to utilise the segregated scrap in innovative ways with the help of our design and tools. We also provide support to make products/prototype at our workshop. We welcome individuals to come to our Studio and experience UPCYCLING!


Dhara Kabaria

Co-founder and Principal Designer


Dhara is an alumnus of the School of Interior Design, CEPT, Ahmedabad. She completed her Post Graduation in 3-Dimensional Design from the Kent Institue of Art and Design, Rochester, UK. She started studio Alternatives along with her sister Dolly in 2010. Her special interests include furniture design, exhibition design, design education and alternate use of material in design.

Sonali Phadke



Sonali comes with an engineering background and has been working in her family business in composites and plastics that triggered her interest in reusing waste. Working on industry scrap and conducting workshops for various workgroups remain her areas of interest at the Studio.

Dolly Kabaria

Co-founder and Professional Photographer


Dolly graduated in computer engineering from the Sardar Patel University, Vidhyanagar, Gujarat. After pursuing a successful career in the IT industry, she took up photography as a full time career. She completed her Post Graduate Diploma in photography from the Light and Life Academy, Ooty, specializing in product, interior-architecture and industrial photography. She has a special interest in macro photography, panoramic views and 360 degree virtual tours.

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